The B.J. Davis Foundation is the realization of a dream. I am truly blessed to be able to use the gifts of music and comedy to hopefully enhance the lives of people I encounter. There are very real needs across this great country of ours. So many worthy causes and individuals that for various reasons, just don't receive the help they need and deserve. The B.J. Davis Foundation was established to hopefully fulfill some of those needs. When people ask me "What is The B.J. Davis Foundation?" The most straightforward answer I can give is, "We are a non-profit organization that helps those organizations and individuals who have fallen through the cracks!" In our society, we have become so caught up in legalities and sometimes unnecessary bureaucracy, that many times people and organizations can't get the help they need and deserve in a timely manner. That is why we make every effort to establish realistic eligibility criteria and application processes for the help we can provide with the absolute minimal amount of "red-tape". We try to offer programs and services that cover a wide spectrum of needs and hopefully will always be expanding to help as many with "real needs" as possible! I sincerely appreciate your support of what I do as an entertainer and I invite you to support The B.J. Davis Foundation with your prayers, volunteering of your time and your tax deductible donations! I thank you in advance!