​​“SOAR.” (Scrutinize...Optimize... Aspire... Realize) is an affordable fee for service program that offers participants tools, techniques and instruction that will enable them to take their talents and performance to a level they never could have imagined!

The program will SCRUTINIZE their talents, goals and objectives!

This program will show participants how to OPTIMIZE their potential!

This program will encourage participants to ASPIRE to be everything they want to be as they find their niche in the business of music, performance and entertainment!

This program will allow participants to REALIZE their full potential!

"SOAR" is a program developed and presented by veteran singer/songwriter/performer/founder of The B.J. Davis Foundation, B.J. Davis... based on his decades of experiences in all areas of the business of music!

The exciting thing about this program is that it IS NOT a cookie cutter program! Each SOAR path and curriculum is custom designed based on each participant’s individual portfolio. “The program is not designed to re-invent anyone”, says Davis. “It is specifically designed to develop what is already there to a level that the participant never thought possible!”

For more information and pricing e-mail us at at soar@bjdavis.org