B.J. Davis; who has been singing and entertaining most of his life; got his feet wet songwriting, recording, and performing in country music. He released a country album ("Here With Me") which contained all original material and received regional radio airplay.

Things were rolling along nicely for Davis. A loyal following, numerous sponsorships, more radio airplay and television exposure, successful live performances when in 2000, the road took a bit of an unexpected turn.

Davis, began having pain in his knees and hands. Initially, B.J. just attributed the changes to aging and possible arthritis and just kept plugging along...still writing, entertaining and just doing what he had always done. Then, things got a bit more intense! In a period of just a few months, BJ. lost a significant amount of weight, began to experience more pain, decreased mobility (first a walking cane, then a walker and finally a wheelchair) and just felt drained mentally and physically. In November of 2001, B.J. and his primary care physician concluded that he had something major going on and obviously the current treatments were not effective. His physician feared that B.J. might be suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The physician referred him to a rheumatologist. In December of 2001, the fears were confirmed when, B.J. was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  In line with Davis' positive mental attitude, he began to re-invent himself a bit and modify the methods and strategies so that  he continue to do what he loves to do!

Davis who lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis and is a wheelchair user has an interesting way of approaching life and the disease. He continues to perform and inspire...many times to the amazement of doctors and those around him! "This RA thing is no fun,” says Davis. “It is an extremely challenging illness. It is the type of disease, that if you let it; will control you and even consume you. With some of the new drugs, treatments, and assistive technology it DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! Having a disability is what you make of it! ALL of us are dealt challenges in life. How we respond to those challenges is what makes us who we are! I want folks to look at me as a guy who is playing the cards he was dealt to the fullest extent. CROOKED JOINTS...TWISTED MIND! I have often said that the more crooked my joints have gotten, the more twisted my mind has become!"

B.J. continues to write and perform. Over 1200 shows between 2014 and 2017 alone! He has received national radio airplay, with numerous parody and original comedic songs. His album, "Out of the Box" contains many of these songs. His album, "Crooked Joints...Twisted Mind" contains many of his classic hits as well as 6 never released B.J. originals.

B.J. is working on a new album (Life, Love & Laughter) that will contain what he believes, is some of his best material ever....The album will be released in 2018. The new release will be supported by the B.J. Davis Life, Love & Laughter concert and speaking tour!